The art of tattooing has evolved a great deal over the last twenty years and so have the expectations of your clientele.

People are coming in for bigger, more complex, more sophisticated tattoo work than ever before and they want perfection. Often they may have some pre-existing work that they are wanting to go over and the dilemma then becomes about how to incorporate the previous work or cover it up without sacrificing the integrity of the new piece.

With the help of the laser, the conversation can be about the tattoo the client wants, rather than a conversation about the tattoo the client has to get. A few treatments with the laser, usually one to four, will open up enough space that you, the artist, can work with your original vision and ultimately end with a more successful tattoo and a more satisfied client.

For tattoo fading, we want to space treatments 8 weeks apart and then leave 4 months before the new tattoo is started.

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