Second Skin Laser extends the same great service and quality to skin rejuvenation laser treatments as we do for Tattoo Removal. At our location in Edmonton, we are confident that we can professionally fulfill most of your skin rejuvenation needs.


Each of these laser facials helps with evening out your complexion, smoothing lines, reducing redness, and has anti-aging effects. The laser adds heat to the skin that stimulates the body’s natural healing process to boost collagen growth resulting in a more youthful tone and texture.

The Laser Genesis and Carbon Laser Facial also help to minimize active acne and reduce unwanted pigment while the Fractional Facial Rejuvenation creates micro wounds in your skin to help with deeper lines and more damaged skin textures. The results happen slowly over time as the laser continues to interact with the skin.

Laser Genesis Facial

$125 per treatment

A zero downtime, pain-free, quick “Lunch-Time” warming facial restores skin tone and treats fine lines, large pores, and active acne. Most people don’t experience any side effects, but some may see a little bit of redness which usually subsides during the same day.

The Laser Genesis Facial treatment takes about 30 minutes and usually requires a multiple treatments spaced at least 4 weeks apart to see maximum results.

Carbon Laser Facial

$200 per treatment

The Carbon Laser Facial is also a no downtime and pain free treatment.

First, we do a pass with the laser to warm the skin before applying the carbon paste. Once the paste is applied to the skin, it helps to absorb sebum and oils in your skin. Clearing your pores and removing dead skin cells, it leaves a youthful glow and a soft feel. Many celebrities get the Carbon Laser Facial before Red Carpet events. You may see it being referred to as a “Laser Carbon Peel” or “The Hollywood”.

Much like the The Laser Genesis Facial treatment, the Carbon Laser Facial treatment takes about 45 minutes and requires multiple treatments spaced at least 4 weeks apart and one or two treatments a year for maintenance for maximum results.

Fractional Facial Rejuvenation

$300 per treatment

The Fractional Facial treatment creates micro-wounds down into the epidermis, stimulating the skin’s natural repair processes through collagen production, rejuvenating skin cells below the surface and rebuilding the skin structure. This treatment can significantly improve skin discolorations such as age/sunspots, melasma, hyperpigmentation and freckles, diminishing the look of scars, stretch marks and acne marks.

Your skin may experience tenderness and redness following your appointment for about 5-12 days. The Fractional Facial treatment takes about 60 minutes and requires multiple treatments spaced at least 8-16 weeks apart.


Starting at $100 per treatment

Unwanted brown or red spots can be treated and removed with one of our laser treatments. These spots usually occur on face, neck, hands, arms, and legs. The laser energy pulse, releases the pigment into your skin, then being absorbed and disposed of by your body.

After the treatment, the area will crust over for a few days up to a couple weeks and fall off naturally. Generally, Sun Damage and Age Spot Removal treatment takes 10-60 minutes depending on the surface area.


Cleanse face and neck thoroughly.

No moisturizers, creams, perfumes, scents, or make-up the day of your treatment.