Prices range from as little as $50 to $500 per treatment with average treatments being $100-$200 per treatment.

We are happy to give you an estimate per treatment based on a photo you send us, but a firm price per treatment will be given during the initial free consultation process. We base our pricing on the size of the treatment area and on a per treatment basis.

It is impossible to predetermine how many treatments will be required as every tattoo is different and each one will have its own individual response to treatments. What we look for is progress after each treatment, spacing them 8 weeks apart.

There are two parts to tattoo removal; 1. We laser the area to break apart the ink into smaller particles. 2. Your body then digests the ink over weeks and months. It is really dependent on how your body processes the ink and that isn't something we can predict.

That price will never go up during the length of the treatments and often may go down as the treatments proceed and the tattoo disappears. Second Skin has invested over $250,000 to offer you the best possible solution for your tattoo removal and fading needs. 

For preparation, you can bring an ibuprofen to take right after the treatment. We will give you an ice pack but additional ice packs would be recommended to bring with you if the tattoo is large or you are travelling long distances.


We have added the Quanta Evo Light A Star laser to our roster to provide exceptional hair removal services. See our pricing chart below to see our starting prices and book a free consultation to get a solid price on treatments.

Hair removal an average is 6-10 treatments, but there are many variables involved and that is something we can't guarantee.

For preparation, shave the area 36 hours prior to your hair removal treatments.
No moisturizers, creams, or deodorants used on your appointment day on the treatment area.



For preparation, cleanse face and neck thoroughly, no moisturizers, creams, perfumes, scents, or make-up the day of your treatment.

Laser Genesis Facial - $125 per treatment
A zero downtime, quick, warming facial helps to tighten the skin while evening out your complexion, and smoothing fine lines.

Carbon Laser Facial - $200 per treatment
The carbon helps to absorb sebum and oils in your skin, clearing your pores and removing dead skin cells, minimizing acne, fine lines, reducing unwanted pigment and improving skin texture. Check out our video here.

Fractional Facial Rejuvenation - $300 per treatment
A fractional treatment creates micro-wounds down into the epidermis, stimulating the skin’s natural repair processes through collagen production, rejuvenating skin cells below the surface and rebuilding the skin structure. This treatment can significantly improve skin discolorations such as age/sunspots, melasma, hyperpigmentation and freckles, diminishing the look of scars, stretch marks and acne marks.

Sun & Age Spots

Sunspots & Age Spots - Starting at $100 per treatment
Sunspots and other pigment removal.


Spider Vein Removal - Starting at $50 per treatment
Remove your spider veins.


Scar Reduction - Starting at $50 per treatment
Reduce the appearance of your scars.

Call or email to book your free consult.

Packages of tattoo removal treatments are available and may be purchased at a discounted price.

They are non-transferable, non-refundable.