Second Skin Laser

At our location in Edmonton, we feel confident that we can professionally fill all your tattoo removal and tattoo lightening needs.

The quality of service that we have brought to you for tattoo removal now extends to Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Spider Vein Removal, Scar Reduction, and Pigment Removal such as Sun Damage and Age Spots.

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Tattoo Removal

Using a highly effective pigment removal laser to target the ink trapped in the skin. The laser breaks up particles of pigment into tiny pieces that are then absorbed by the body and flushed out by the lymphatic and immune system.

Fading for a cover-up is the same procedure as complete removal but fewer treatments are required. It facilitates a much easier and more effective cover-up to be done. Don’t be limited by your old work.

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Spider Vein Removal

The laser targets the blood in the spider veins heating them up and destroying them. Over a period of 4-6 weeks your body absorbs and discards them, although, often results are seen much faster. We only treat spider veins, not varicose veins.

Spider Veins often only require one treatment, but may require more depending on the severity and number of veins being treated. Spider Veins are a reoccurring issue and new ones may appear in the future requiring more treatments.

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Laser Hair Removal

The laser targets the active hair during the Anagen stage of hair growth. Multiple treatments are required to get all the active hair during this stage.

Unfortunately, not all hair colours are equal. The hair itself is a conductor for the laser to destroy the hair from top to the bulb. Dark and coarse hair make the best candidates for laser hair removal. White, grey, blonde, and red hair are harder to treat as they contain less pigment for the laser to target.

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